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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  January 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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presented itself, he would like to get back in the nba. >> people say don't you want to get back? i say, you know what, i hate to want for someone to get fired for me to get back in. that is how it has to happen. we'll see how it plays out. >> reporter: lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. 5:00 on a monday morning as we take a look down over the lincoln memorial on the 9th day of january, 2012. glad you're with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> we do have one school closing to pass along. bowman bridge elementary school in howard county, maryland will be closed today. had some problems with the school's heating system. that is bowman bridge elementary in howard county. trouble with the heating system. they will need it. not the coldest day we've had but chilly out there. >> still chilly. good morning to everybody. temperatures at or beprolowe pro-- below freezing in much of
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the area. we'll see a cooler day today than we've seen in the last couple of days. let's take a look it the temperatures. we'll start with that here in washington. it is 34 degrees. 29 in baltimore. 28 at dulles airport. you see the 20s out there. 32 in fredericksburg. patuxent naval air station is at 37 degrees so they're higher. here is a look at the radar image for this morning. nothing-- not much going on here. a little bit of moisture showing up there just at the end of the loop right around the washington area. can't rule out a shower or sprinkle or maybe even a little burst of snow somewhere in the area. as you can see, there is precipitation out to the west. we'll have a little storm system moving to our south today and that brings with it the chance of some height shower activity here or there, primarily from washington to point south. we are not expecting much in the way of precipitation. forecast for today, mostly cloudy skies. a couple of showers here and
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there. highs in the mid-40s. 44 in washington. 43 in chantilly. 43 in baltimore. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> good morning to you. looking good on the roads and no problems reported right now. overnight construction has cleared on the west side as you guys travel between annandale and merrifield. you will find 66 behaving nicely this morning. no trouble spots to report as you guys work your way inbound from manassas headed eastbound towards centreville and continuing in towards fair lakes and out towards vienna. the beltway running smoothly leaving springfield headed in the direction of the wilson bridge. light traffic volume here at the american legion bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ffic. the new hampshire primary just a day away now. the candidates faced off in two debates over the weekend but for some, the nomination process is still all about the ground game. stacy cohan is now in the
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newsroom with the latest on the race. >> reporter: romney's commanding lead in the polls is serving only to motivate his rivals in the last days before the new hampshire primary. it is tradition there to vet candidates one on one. contenders are consume countless diaper meals and sit on living room sofas around the state as they make their personal pitches to voters. seemingly casual contact must be created through a strongly organized campaign. >> the candidates with less organization have less of a chance of making sure that the people would might support them actually show up on election day and that is the critical thing. romney by far has the best organization in the state. distant second is ron paul. beyond that, there is essentially no other campaign in the state with any significant organization. >> reporter: romney has been courting voters in the granite state since his 2008 presidential campaign. john huntsman has spent more time on the ground in new hampshire than any other candidate in the recent months
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and his poll numbers are climbing. >> we'll have complete coverage ever the new hampshire primary tomorrow and when you are not near your tv, can you log onto for the latest information. d.c. police are hunting for the person who killed a teenager early yesterday morning. 19-year-old david lee robinson was shot at 58th and foote streets in northeast. he was taken to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries. police have for leads right now but they think the shooting may have been over a pair of shoes. there is a reward if you help catch the killer and you can also remain anonymous. in maryland, a group of hunters including one that got hot, has been charged. the victim was hit in the chest and stomach with buckshot. hunting is illegal in that area so police say he and everyone he was with will be charged.
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certainly an emotional night in tucson, arizona as congresswoman gabrielle giffords takes the stage to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly tucson shooting rampage. thousands gathered at this candlelight vigil honoring the lives of the sick people killed and the 13 others injured last year. making a rare public appearance, giffords led the crowd in the pledge of allegiance before the vigil. she greeted people outside the safeway where she had been shot at a year ago. some people in the area hay candlelight vigil last night to honor victims of gun violence here in the district. hundreds gathered at shiloh baptist church in northwest. the crowd heard from local leaders on the need to get guns off street and an emotional plea from the mother of one of six teens killed in a drive-by shooting on south capital street in march 2010. >> this is not something that ever goes away. i hurt for my child 24 hours a
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day, seven days a week, constantly. i do not sheep. >> activist as long with local leads are ask the public to do something tangible to help stop gun violence. police are still looking for the drivers who hit and killed a married cup until oxon hill and kept on driving. mid red freeman and michael thomas, sr. were hit while crossing oxon hill road on friday. he was walking his wife to the bus stop. >> they loved one another very much and we are a loving family. we forgive the person who hit my sister and my brother-in- law. but i hope he find peace and turn himself in. >> some witnesses saw the accident but nobody was able to get a license plate number. prince george's countiy police are looking for a gray compact vehicle possibly with some damage. they are hoping other witnesses will call in as well. we are following several news stories involving americans overseas this morning including an american man
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iran sentences an american to death. a court in iran just convicted the man, a former u.s. marine. he was sentenced to ceght for working for the cia. he was convicted of trying to accuse iran of involvement in terrorism. the 28-year-old was arrested last month. his parents who live in the u.s. reject the charges. we're also hearing of the killing of a u.s. soldier in afghanistan this morning. a man wearing an afghan army uniform opened fire on a group of americans at an afghan army base in southern afghanistan last night. he killed one and wounded another u.s. soldier but was killed himself in the shootout. the afghan military is launching an investigation this morning. a violent crackdown in syria continues despite the presence of monitors from the arab league. another dozen civilians killed in the last 24 hours and 11 soldiers died in fierce clashes
5:11 am
in south between defectors and government troops. in egypt, the arab league is demanding the syrian government immediately stop all violence and voted to send more monitors to syria. concern for area police this morning about a possible crime trend. >> up next, a rash of robberies. we'll tell you why they have sparked special interest from police. we'll bring you the latest on today's forecasts. we'll see seasonable temperatures today in the low to mid-40s. julie wright will be along to tell us what is happening on the area roadways. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. women everywherere are joining the revolution against scrubbing on their hands and knees. they're using resolve easy clean to deep clean their carpets. its upright brush with activating trigger removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. it's just three easy steps for beautifully clean carpets.
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by marie claire aser ] one of the 25 beauty products that will change your life because it whitens by removing up to 80% of surface stains. see how it can change your life. crest 3d white. life opens up when you do. taking a live look over washington, tease now and temperature are a little chilly this out there this morning. we'll see how much of a warm-up we can expect today.
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before we get to tony, let's talk about the old town theater in alexandria. it closed its doors over the weekend. the owner says he is being forced to sell the king street property because of poor ticket sales. film house's new owner says it will likely rent out the theater as retail space. >> that is a shame. i love old theaters. >> yeah. >> one of last ones. >> not many left, are there? >> all the big ones now. >> what is going on out there, tony. >> beautiful weekend. >> we'll cool things off a little bit. we have some clouds out there and could see a little bit of precipitation here and there today. maybe even this morning. ill ashow you why i'm saying that. let's start with the area temperatures. we have gone up a little bit in the last few minutes here in washington. 35degrees now in the nation's capital. 38 out in annapolis. 36 in quantico. many of you are below -- at or
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below freezing. fredericksburg, 32 degrees right now. 28 in manassas. 25 in gaithersburg. dulles airport is at 27 degrees in fed rick, maryland, it is 27 degrees. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite. you will see we have some clouds streaming through. see that little blip right there. some of you could be seeing a little shower or a pellet of ice or a little bit of snow. i suspect most of that not hitting the ground but it is showing up on all of oured a regard. more precipitation down to the south. the focal point for precipitation today will primarily be south of washington but as this area of low pressure moves along this frontal boundary, we could get some of that precipitation moving in here. we'll certainly get a lot of the cloud cover in here. let's take a look at the futurecast. we'll show you how we think things will develop during the course of the day today. again, we do have the clouds. there is that precipitation off to the south and east as we put this in motion for you during the course of the day today. we'll continue to see clouds well up to the north. you will have some clearing
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skies near the mason-dixon line. some rain down to our south. comes through, comes awfully close to the washington area right around 5:00 during the evening rush hour. look at that little batch of mixed frozen precipitation, maybe some sleet or something like that later on during the evening rush hour and again prime you'rely we are talking from washington to points south, not so much to the north but washington to points south. all right. let's take a look at the forecast for today. mostly cloudy skies. a few showers here and there. best chance south of washington. high about 44 degrees. our average high for this date, 43 degrees. we're right there. for tonight, we'll call it partly cloudy skies. and chilly conditions. overnight lows in the 30s primarily. mid-30s in town. some of you will be in the 20s again. five-day forecast, mixed bag, up and down week. mid-40s, low to mid-40s. back into the low 50s tomorrow. a nice day tomorrow. i think tuesday may be the nicest day of the week. wednesday, warmer, 55 but we'll
5:18 am
have clouds and showers in the latter part of the day. showers will start your day on thursday. 54. then friday we cool off to 41 degrees. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> i was going for say, it is a little crooked today. >> i got it straightened out. >> all right. so far, we are off for a great start. no problems reported out on the beltway, overnight construct as cleared as you travel the beltway between annandale and merrifield. here is a live shot of the commute coming from the robinson terminal head out towards 66. lanes are open, traffic flowing freely on the both interloop and outer loop head down towards the springfield interchange. no trouble spots to report here. route one is quiet right now. outer loop of the beltway, behaving nicely now as you work your way around from college park head over towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ic. newt gingrich's former spokesman lost his battle with
5:19 am
stomach cancer over the weekend. tony blankly was also an editor for "the washington times" and the author of two books. gingrich responded calling him a caring and loving person. closing guantanamo bay was a promise made by president obama when he was inaugurated an a group of protestors at the park across from the white house want him to make good on t -- on it. they are in the middle of a 10- day hunger strike. >> not only the prisoners in afghanistan, some 171 who, under the present law, may never, ever go home and may never, ever be before a court, but also expand that to american citizens or anyone else here in the united states oren anyone anywhere in the world. >> row testers are planning a human chain from lafayette park to the supreme court for
5:20 am
tomorrow's 10th anniversary of guantanamo's opening. police in the district on alert after a string of street robberies over the weekend. just saturday, there were three within a 90-minute period. investigators are now trying to find out if they're related. audrey barnes reports on this recent crime spree. >> reporter: the first petworth robby happened in the 700 block of rock creek road. three men in ski masks armed with a gun robbed two people. >> i'm pretty concerned since i just got in a few days ago and one of the first things i hear is all this crime and i'm worried. >> i work with teens and one of my teens was mugged on the elevator coming up from the georgia avenue metro so just right behind us so it is out there. >> reporter: half an hour after the first robbery in petworth, there was a sex second one two blocks away in the 700 block of newton place. again, two people were robbed by suspects brandishing a
5:21 am
handgun. >> we just moved here in october and now i'm wondering if maybe we should have moved to a day rent area. it is scary. you don't know if that could happen to you. >> >> reporter: she has already been the vic taism brazen robbery. >> came out from my house and my bike had gotten stolen. a few days later, i saw them sitting on my bike. i was worried i probably shouldn't say anything to this person. they don't care. they are just sitting right there. >> reporter: fourth district commander says there hasn't been a pattern of heavy robberies in petworth and the surrounding areas lately but to have three in such a short period of time is concerning to police. officers have stepped up patrols and are actively investigating to see if there is a link. in addition, there are surveillance cameras in the area but residents are urged to stay alert for suspicious activity and report it. >> it is like anything else. when you are out late at night, especially a new area, you got
5:22 am
to look around, be aware of your surroundings. kind of have a heads up all the time. >> >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> there is a slight difference in the look out jot for the suspects in these robberies. as for why so many in such a shofort time? the commander says the weather could be partly to blame. the warm weather over the weekend brought a lot of people out into the streets. a risque scene on metro. coming up next, riders dropping their pants. >> what's the deal with that? we'll find out coming up next. stay with us. h us.
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a little chilly out there. a large group of people from the capital impro worded metro trains and dropped their pants over the weekend. >> matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: it is carefully planned out. get on a metro train, wait for it to start moving and then take off your pants. >> we get the most ridiculous double takes, people staring at us, people muttering under their breaths. are they not wearing pants? why is no one wearing pants? >> this event is known to raise money for charity, not to bring
5:26 am
awareness to any particular group or cause. for these folks, it is all about having fun. you get all sorts of reactions. you will get children that are laughing, children pointing with their mouths open. you have some people that are really confused. >> the reaction is priceless. we get a lot of smiles, a lot of confused faces. as long as we're cracking a few cheeks in d.c., it is always a good time. >> reporter: the event is carried out around the globe. this is video from the new york subway system a few years back. no platter where the group drops its pants, there are usually smiles that follow. there is always underwear, some wear boxers, others wear briefs. whatever is underneath is usually planned out far in advance. >> i get -- go shopping for new underwear everyear, a new outfit. i've got leopard under here. >> reporter: as they travel through the metro, they act like nothing is out of the
5:27 am
ordinary. as others gawk, the riders try to keep a straight face. >> i didn't have my pants and i was running late for the bus and i figured nobody would notice. >> in the district, matt ackland. >> to each their own. >> at least it was warm enough for it. >> that's true. it is the bungee jump that went terribly wrong. coming up in about 14 minutes and hear from the woman who survived the scare. >> unbelievable. up next, stacy is following our big story. >> there were bruising debates in new hampshire over the weekend as republican hopefuls gear up for that state's primary. i'm have a full report coming up. over 200,000 people are hohospitalized every year
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5:30 on this monday. taking a look at the wilson bridge. chilly out there. no problems weather-wise to be looking at right now. but we to have a school closing to pass along. it is nothing to to with the weather. bowman bridge elementary school in howard county maryland will be close you had today due to problems with the school's heating system. >> that is bowman bridge elementary school in howard county closed today. no heat in the building. that is a problem when the temperature is around freezing. >> that's right. >> kids can't concentrate. >> our temperatures at or below freezing in much of the area. we'll check our temperature here at fox and see what it is.
5:31 am
for the most part -- what's that? >> 32 here at fox 5 in northwest washington. let's take a look at hd radar. there is a little blip showing up on the radar right near us off to the east now. it has moved off to the east. so couple of you might see a little sprinkle, maybe a quick little shot of some snowflakes, something like that. but that would be about it. not much going on. what you see out there to the west across west virginia, most of that will not make it over the mountains. best chance for precipitation today will be from washington to points south and it will primarily be later on today. temperatures across the area, reagan national, 35 degrees. dulles is at 27. bwi marshall is at 28 degrees at this hour. your forecast for today, i think there will be plenty of clouds today, a few showers here and there. best chance is from washington to point south. look for a high around 44 degrees which is seasonable. that is the latest. we'll have more coming up in a little bit. >> it is funny when air like
5:32 am
it's going to be chilly today. oh, that's normal because we've been in the 50s and 60s. >> julie wright has your traffic. >> everybody was outside either running, walking the dog or whatever. a lot of people out and about over the weekend. right now, there are people that are starting to crowd our roads. we are seeing 66 starting to slow a brief bit out in manassas. this is a live shot of 395 coming northbound across the 14th street bridge. no trouble spots to report right here as you work your way across the potomac and head over to the southeast-southwest freeway. you will find that your lanes are open if you are traveling to and from the wilson bridge. this is a live shot of the 66 close in leaving vienna for the beltway. lanes are open here as well with no other problems reported. traveling southbound along 270, you will find traffic at speed coming in from i-70. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. the republican presidential candidates are hitting hard heading into tomorrow's new
5:33 am
hampshire primary. mitt romney is leading in recent polls. that is why another five candidates took aim at him touring two weekend debates. >> reporter: the new hampshire hopefuls faced two debates in just 12 hours, both full of bruising attacks on frontrunner mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor enjoys a double digit lead in the polls but is facing an increasingly aggressive nomination fight. newt gingrich accused romney of touting, quote buyous bologna oo.s joined in the assault hoping to win the hearts of those new hampshire voters who remain unenthused with the idea of the former massachusetts governor as the party's nominee. >> can we drop a little bit of the pious bologna. the fact is you ran in '94 and lawfort. just level with the american people. you've been running at least since the 1990s. en. >> we want someone who will stand up and fight for the conservative principles, not bail out and not run and not
5:34 am
run to the left of ted kennedy. >> i don't see how we can do well against obama if we have any candidate that endorsed single payer systems and tarp bailouts and don't challenge the federal reserve's $15 billion of injections bailing out their friends. >> reporter: ron paul is running a distant second. jon huntsman who skipped iowa is currently in third place in those polls. back to you. while all eyes will be on republicans in new hampshire, democrats are also gearing up for tomorrow's primary. president obama basically home free in getting the democratic nomination but there are a dozen presidential challengers from his own party. the president has seven offices in new hampshire. staffers say their biggest task is convincing people who voted for the president in 2008 to vote for him again now. in other headlines, the search is on for the person who
5:35 am
killed a teenager early yesterday morning. 19-year-old david lee robinson was shot at 58th and foote streets in northeast. he was taken to a local hospital where he later died from his injuries. police have for leads right now but they think the shooting may have been over a pair of shoes. there is a reward if you help catch the killer. you can also remain anonymous. in maryland, where a group of hunters including one would got shot is being charged. four friends have been charged after i ahunt accident that left a man in the hospital in fort washington. the victim was hit in the chest with buckshot. police say he and everyone he was with will be charged. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords helped to pay tribute to the lives lost one year ago during the tucson massacre. there were several events and tributes including a candlelight vigil that lit up the evening sky. representative giffords even greeted people at the scene of a shooting outside of stay grocery store. in all, six people were killed one year ago, thirteen more
5:36 am
injured. on the anniversary of the tucson shooting, anti-gun act vivs held a series of vigils across the country. one vigil was held here in the district. roz platter reports it was both a call for action an a solemn reminder. >> reporter: at the shiloh baptist church, they lit a candle and stood in solidarity with hundreds of others around the country in both remembrance and protest remembering the victims of gun violence like brishell jones, one of six teens mowed down in a drive-by shooting march of 2010. >> this is not something that ever goes away. i hurt for my child 24 hours a day, seven days a week, constantly. i do not sleep. >> reporter: and colin goddard, shot four times during the virginia tech massacre. >> it took me nearly lowing my life, experiencing something like that, to wake up and realize we don't do everything we could do in this country.
5:37 am
we make it far too easy for people of all different types to easily arm themselves. >> reporter: activists along with local leader asked the public to do something tangible to help stop the violence. d.c.'s police chief praised citizens for helping get guns and gunman off the streets. >> this past year, because the community has come together and decided enough is enough, the residents in washington, d.c. have said they've had it with the gun violence, we end the year with 108 homicides and 59% closure rates, the highest in the nation. >> reporter: but d.c.'s mayor told the crowd the city needs more. >> bring democracy to our nation's capital. bring the opportunity here for us to be able to control guns in the way we know they need to be controlled. >> reporter: roz plater, fox 5 news. mayor gray was obviously making a pitch for statehood based on gun control. this week, the district is asking lawmaker in new
5:38 am
hampshire to expert a resolution calling for d.c. to become the 51st state. the bungee jump that went wrong. you can probably guess what happened. but the good news is it could have been a lot worse. >> we'll hear from the woman who survived this scare coming up.  ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunnnny day ♪ ♪ sunny day ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' the taste i crave ♪ ♪ subway ♪ i'm makin' it, makin' it how i like ♪
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a bungee jump in africa went horribly wrong and it is all caught on camera. she jumped in victoria falls on new year's eve when her rope snapped. she plunged into the abuelazam beesy river. her problems didn't end with the fall. they she passed out and struggled against the rapids of the river. >> it went black straight away and i felt like i'd been slapped all over. i had to swim down and yank the bungee cord out from whatever it was caught into. >> she was not seriously injured in the fall but serious enough that she did spend a week in the hospital. she is so lucky to be alive and that is like your worst fear to go brungee jumping and something hike that happens. >> fall in a river with crocodiles. not fun either way. congratulations are in
5:42 am
order for beyonce and jay-z. they welcomed their first girl, blew ivy. the couple represented out the entire fourth floor of the hospital so they could deliver in peace. the hospital also reportedly placed tape on its security cameras and asked employees to turn in their cell phones in order to protect the couple's privacy. hopefully, that didn't affect the care that hospitals give to effect else. >> let's hope not. it seemed like they were successful. no pictures yet that we know of. the talk of the sports world. another miracle finish from tim tebow, this time in the playoffs. >> are you a believer or are you not? dave ross is next. we'll check weather and traffic. stay with us. it's the perfect time to find great deals on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99.
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that is a pretty shot of the washington monument this morning. temperature right around freezing. let's flash back a year ago. within year ago, we were watch ago major snowstorm that eventually covered the southeas
5:46 am
>> very different now. governors declared states of emergency and thousands of flights from atlanta were canceled. the city only had eight snow plows and they have since bought about 50 more pieces of equipment. >> warren county, virginia schools are on a two-hour delay today. warren county, virginia schools delayed two hours. >> it is not too bad outside weatherwise. >> it is cold. cold start to the day. temperature in the 20s and 30s. that is about it. could see a little light precipitation here and there later on today from washington to points south but that will be about it. other than that, a seasonable day, we believe. let's take a look. we'll jump right in. show you your weather headlines for today. here we go. plenty of clouds today. certainly mostly cloudy. we've got plenty of clouds out there right now. we'll see more of the same through the course of the day. could be a shower later today
5:47 am
here and there. mild midweek, temperatures in the 50s in the middle part of the week and then much colder the latter part of this week as we drop off again to the low 40s. here is a look at the temperatures around the region. 35 right now here. 36 at quantico. fredericksburg, 34 degrees. plenty of 20s out there. 27 in gaithersburg and at dulles and in martinsburg and in manassas. 4 in stevensville. there is your cloud cover. there is that oneling blip of precipitation. -- 34 in stevensville. -- there is that one little blip of precipitation. you might get a little sprinkle from that. that would be about it, i believe. the bulk of the precipitation down to our south and we'll continue to see areas of low pressure move across the frontal boundary to our south. that could push some precipitation into portions of our viewing area. this precip out to the west you can see is not making it over the mountains. forecast for washington for
5:48 am
today looks like this. mostly cloudy skies, a few showers. best chance south of washington. 44degrees for your high today. then for tonight, we'll see skies become partly cloudy. it will be chilly. overnight lows in the 30s. some of new the 20s. five-day forecast, it is really a mixed bag for the week. tomorrow, i think a nice day. low 50s, good amount of sunshine. wednesday, even milder but there will be clouds and there will be some showers in the latter part of the day. also some rain showers to begin your thursday but once we get that out of there, thursday is better. friday, temperature drop off back down into the low 40s right about where they should be. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's found out what is happening with traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> good morning to you. right now on the roads, we're looking pretty good. no problems to report as you travel the beltway leaving the american legion bridge headed down towards tyson's. let's say appear early good morning to our friend in sky fox. they are hovering above the beltway right now headed from the tyson's area headed out towards 66.
5:49 am
this is what jeremy is zooming in for you right now. the beltway rolling at speed on both the inner and outer loop of the beltway. we just lost their shot. as you can see for just a few moments, all lanes were open. there were no problems reported traveling the beltway between the gorptown pike, 13 -- the georgetown pike, 123. traveling 395 coming across the 14th street bridge, no trouble spots to report here. now, there is a new ramp that has been opened for you. this is part of the long-term construction project and you will fine coming from the freeway to head outbound, there is a new bridge available for you this morning. again, local traffic is being detoured on to the old ramp of 295. southbound 270 nice and easy leaving montrose road headed out towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the broncos have been in three overtime games this year. they won them all. got him at the 40.
5:50 am
the 50. to the 30, to the 20. to the 10. denver is going onto new england. >> the announcers were already to go with all the overtime knowledge and they couldn't drop it after that one play. tebow time once again. tim tebow hitting thomas for the 08-yard pass. dave ross is here with us this morning. i think is only tough thing over weekend was the fact that this was the nicest weather- wise weekend that we had to get out and do something other than watch football which was impossible to do. fantastic action over the weekend. >> great games, all four games. talking about that overtime game. i didn't know the recover time rules. they got new rules -- i didn't know the overtime rules. they got new rules. >> it looks like it is different in a different time zone or who gets the ball. >> depending on how many points you get, you mate play or not. >> it was a sensational weekend, steve.
5:51 am
you see what drew brees did saturday night against the lions. eli manning looked pretty good. atull began and ended with tim tebow. this has been it is talk of the year to come in and 1-4 and everybody said, well, steve, how long can he really go? they have a lost their last three. he looked like he lost his confidence. they were down in the second quarter. they held them out of the end zone. there is the first touchdown. here goes tebow doing what he does. that quarterback sneak. that is unlike most running quarterbacks because he is so physical with it. it is part of their arsenal. then big ben does what he does and he is on a gimpy ankle. he brings it back with n. the fourth quarter with two touchdowns. we are going to the first ever overtime that we talked about with the new rules and the first play, 11 seconds is all it took and who thought this they would come out and throw it. you saw the steelers pinching up there, figuring they would do what they always do.
5:52 am
no, they cut him loose. there is john elway celebrating. he was the gray all week that said look, i expect tim tebow to come out and play well. cut it loose. put pressure on the defense. forget about the ball control, go get it done. 316 passing yards on 10 completions. >> anybody who has followed the steeliers for years knows the one way you beat them is to throw the ball down the field and kudos to john fox and the broncos' offensive coordinator for calling a great game. >> they cut it loose. they will pinch in and make tim tebow beat them and he beat them. a lot of people didn't think that was possible. the one thing he does do well, he throws the d ball very well. over 30 yards on completion. >> i know you are big into this tebow magic which i am not. how far do you see him going now? you're still taking it week by week. >> i am a true believer. i believe when he took over a 1-
5:53 am
4 team. i don't think the broncos are any good. i think their defense is above average. i think their running game is okay. i think their skill set at wide receiver is terrible and they lost their best receiver yesterday, eric decker. and mcgahee fumbled in the fourth quarter. >> i think eric decker was the best wide receiver with their old quarterback. >> i think thomas came in with tebow. >> nobody heard of him yesterday. >> that is the point. i don't think tim tebow is a great quarterback. i think he is a great motivator and leader and i think that is causing everybody to step up around him. >> i will go with what alreadiens owe alexander told me on friday, he is a winner. >> i think that is what it does. it brings everybody up to his level which is forget about the last play, move on to the next. this is a team that really excite immediate over the weekend and i'm a little scweard now if i'm he a green
5:54 am
bay packer fan -- i'm a little scared now if i'm a green bay packer fan because of the giant the. >> eli is back. as long as he plays elite -- >> i think we agree on something here. >> thank you, dave ross. we will talk more after this. >> can we talk more tebow? >> you want to? >> yeah, later on in the day. >> yes. more of fox 5 morning news coming up after this. 
5:55 am
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time to say good morning now to our facebook fan of the day. it is netta adams. this is a photo of her sop marcus who is and honor roll student who received a $50,000 d.c. achiever scholarship. congratulation to him. that's right. that does garner some applause. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, fine us on facebook by searching for fox 5 morning news and post a comment under the photo. all of our top stories plus we'll check the morning commute and your forecast. fox 5 morning news will be right back. we'll see you at 6:00.
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